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Thursday, December 14, 2006

an opsticle is only such if we think we cannot (or if effort is required)

new plans for the new year.
.may or june, move in to parents' house
.august, move to washington state
.october, expierence winter

this is my obsticle, and my effort is living at home again. my exit begins early august when four friends trek to the unknown wilderness in seatle. i have started my research on things such as state bird, and 
flower, and things of that sort which texas takes pride. 

this post came to me not unlike a thought... i didn't really plan on doing this today, andy just wanted to hear a though or two i guess.

change is present... and always relevent.
(christ have mercy)
i am once again being able to sing for _______, pride aside, and eyes ahead. (love is here)

something from the past which helps me look forward.
You medicine cabinet Queen
You're a bar room dream
When I go drinkin'
I drink like I'm drinkin' for two
I get in trouble
I order in doubles
I pretend like I'm drinkin' with you

You medicine cabinet Queen
With your sewn up torn jeans
Jumping those fences
will leave you divided in two
I see the glass's bottom
Far more often
When I've been thinking of yo

(it's only love if there is room for someone else.. and i give all room to you)

Monday, October 30, 2006

a shift in the wind, heading south on tree limbs.

chasing is said in pursuit of something fast
and drifting is done when one does not know what will last
all the while we hope for a shift in the winds headed south
whilst winter holds a mighty breath of cold in her mouth
a change in currents perhaps, if we were closer to shore
and a changing course will settle for sailors seeking more

i am somewhere in the middle of all this ramble, but i sway to one side, after all, i was not made perfect, nor ever been pure. I do, on the other hand, see a change in 
destination, and also an alternate route. 

here on deck we feal at home.
and land holds an absence of freedom, pray that i never feel at home, standing on this soil.

Friday, October 27, 2006

first fire of winter

I enjoyed my first fire of winter, did you?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

winter is nigh

Upon our return to the palace flophouse (apt189) from our adventures in austin this weekend we discovered a looming unsettled peace, scurrying through the air, and our hearts. I think it's been here for a while, hiding within the crease of our sofa, or maybe in the cracks of our carpet. Don't worry though, however long i have been unsettled with God, know that i am now trying to untangle Him, instead of living unsettled. I woke up on sunday morning, and laid my weapons down, it was hard to fight when i couldn't tell my enimies from a mirror, and so i pardoned them all. When i wake my chest doesn't drag the ground, or rather my heart isn't as heavy as it's been. I know life is still a mess, but it's a mess i can wake up to and have a creator who loves me, and has pardoned me from the sin i was born in to. The Captain can compare life to espresso, but i'm just not that creative, i prefer comparing life to the captain.

i can stand strong now
(which is a good thing to finally say)
bitterness kept me in bed, not the flu 

- - - - - - - -

tis' time to sing for resurrection.
(thanks for showing me what this means john/andrew)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

the front door of my apartment

the door never is open, and the house never is closed.. seems like we use the back door all of the time so that we go unnoticed, but really, this place is swinging and sweating. i miss my brothers in harps.